Church of St. Mary Magdalene

Address: Koktebel, Autonomous Republic of Crimea

Площадь: 200 sq. m.

Date: 2012 - 2013

Stage: Concepts

Project Leader:Tkachenko Sergey

Architects:Voznesenskiy Ilia, Kononenko Alexey, Rybin Nikita

art director 3D: Titov Titov

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Of the two thousand years of Church history we consider as most important the moments known as the Triumph of Orthodoxy. After the mid-9th century Council of Constantinople had restored the veneration of icons, an extraordinary rise of Universal Orthodoxy had started, leading to the baptism of the Slavs, first in Bulgaria, and then in Russia. At this time the cross dome basilica had emerged and spread from Venice and Ravenna to Armenia and Syria, from Ethiopia and Egypt to Kiev and Novgorod. Crimea, which had been a place of exile for monks at times of iconoclasm, and where Russian prince Vladimir had been baptized, seems to stand in the focus of this Ecumene. The choice of this temple type for the Church of St. Mary Magdalene in Koktebel seems to be most appropriate.

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